The History of Mankind

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The History of Mankind by Professor Friedrich Ratzel was a landmark in the study of mankind. It was published in three Volumes by Macmillan of London in 1896.

The history book is remarkable for the wonderfully intricate bright color chromolithographs that are extremely well done, many images of native peoples, their costumes, tools, weapons, society, etc. There are several maps and more than 1,000 engravings.

Because they are close to home I have been working on The Races of Oceania initially and below are links to the indexes of the various sections completed related to that (there is a very long way to go!).

There are also sections on the Study of Specimens, Decorative Art, Propagation of Art and Culture, Understanding Mankind Through the Material Furniture of Life and a Translator's Note accessible at the main history index.

My intention is to present the information as originally written but to use modern techniques such as links and search facilities to make it easier to use. I do not intend to preserve the original layout or even, if it seems appropriate, the original order of material as they will be sacrificed in the interests of ease of use. But the original language, grammar, spelling and writing style will be kept to preserve as much as possible the flavor of this window on how the world was seen at that time.

The Household Oracle

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This information is presented as a fascinating insight into middle class household control, in Victorian England at the end of the 1800's.

The material in the associated pages (see the `Household Oracle Index') is scanned and reformatted from a handbook entitled `The Household Oracle - A Popular Referee on All Subjects of Household Enquiry' edited by Alfred H Miles.

`The Household Oracle aims to be a popular referee on subjects of household enquiry' - A.H.M.

Enquire Within

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Enquire Within is a software programme I developed which is designed to help elicit people's personal constucts using the repertory grid process developed George Kelly, an American engineer turned psychologist. It is a difficult process to use well but Enquire Within provides a great deal of help and guidance, by the way it is designed, to ensure effective and ethical application. The Enquire Within site provides a great deal of background and practical application material. A user group can help with individual's problems.

My personal belief is that Repertory Grid has power to make a real difference for good in the world.

The Laws of the Navy

[To the Navy poetry index] To the Navy poetry index

Thirty nine poems, in the spirit of the great sea tradition of England, by Admiral Ronald Hopwood, C.B. entitled `The Laws of the Navy and Other Poems'. These poems have lessons for us about `The Old Way' - values, principles and practices we would do well to remember as part of navy education and general rules for living today.

... the breeze has spoken strangers, with a stirring tale to tell,
And a thousand eager voices flung the challenge out to sea:
"Come they hither in the old way, in the only way that's free?"
And the flying Breeze called softly: "In the old way . . ."

Mayes Family Genealogy

[To the Mayes family web site] Mayes family genealogy

The Mayes family genealogy web site is a work in progress and will never be finished. It is dedicated to my mother Ivy Mayes (nee Jones) who died on 23 July 2006.

Detail of living people is severely restricted for obvious reasons.

If you are in any way related and would like more information and copies of any source material that I have, please contact me through the email address on the page this links to. If you have information to contribute or believe there are errors I would be delighted to hear from you.

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